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Women's Retreat - Tantra as a Path to Empowerment

In this retreat we will come together with other women and side by side, we will go through a profound process of healing, releasing blockages, traumas and limiting beliefs so that each one can expand and redefine their relationship with the body, with their self-esteem and discover a deeper access to their own power, which has been numbed to women through history and patriarchy.


We will together create a safe space to release and then raise our energy and circulate it through the body (and with that through the chakras and different areas of our lives) with the help of different tantric techniques including breath, sound, movement, touch, pleasure, community, sharing and listening. It will be an intimate occasion to make us feel connected with our deeper truth, each other and with the flow of life itself. For our life energy to flow freely through our bodies and our lives, we need to finally feel home in our bodies and reclaim its power.


In this retreat you will learn different tools to:

- listen to your body wisdom and feel at home in it;

- increase your ability for self-love, self-respect and self-pleasure;

feel more attuned with your feelings, desires, boundaries, needs and learn to communicate that;

- process and let go of old pain, conditionings and blockages;

- bring your vital energy to flow to feel alive and inspired;

- find your path to feel safe and at ease in your body, inviting more pleasure in;

- connect to your inner wisdom and intuition;

- unlock your innate erotic and creative power;

- built intimacy with yourself and others.

Join us for 3 beautiful days or releasing, exploring and nurturing in sisterhood. 

Next Dates: June 27th to 30th, 2024 (fully booked)

Next edition: March 14th to 16th, 2025

This is 3 day long retreat, starting on Friday 11am and finishing on Sunday 7pm. We request you to refrain from any other activities during the whole period.

Location: Life Artists CREATORS HUB, Milastrasse 4, 10437 Berlin.

Price: 380€

Facilitators: Paula, Mathilde and Linda

To enroll please fill out our booking form. We will schedule a quick video call to get to know each other and clarify any questions. Your place is only guaranteed after payment. 

This is an urban retreat. Meaning we will be diving deep into practices together during the day. And you will sleep in your own place during the night. 

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Meet the Workshop Space 

Meet your Facilitators



Paula has been practicing and teaching the tantric tradition for almost a decade. She also offer body-psychotherpy sessions. All her Session and Workshops aim at allowing more life-force to flow through the body and release any blockages that might be on the way of living a truly authentic and free life.


She offers tantra massage courses and founded the Journey Within Institute. She has also supports couples in finding deeper intimacy in their relationships. Read More about her trajectory here. 

tantra therapy


Mathilde creates opportunities to fully come alive together, in truthful connection with ourselves and each other.
Her spaces support awareness, exploration and celebration of what it means to be human.
She believes that the practice of radical self-acceptance leads to a purposeful, vibrant and pleasure-filled life.

She is a certified embodiment facilitator, trained in the VITA™ methodology and is completing Shachar Caspi's international facilitator training. 

tantra massage berlin


Linda believes that profound healing happens in group dynamics. The collective nervous system balances out and supports each and everyone on their individual journeys. There is so much to learn and to feel from one another - we are more connected than we think. 

Linda has specialised on diverse somatic and trauma informed techniques such as De-Armouring, Trauma Release Exercise (TRE®). She is an advocate for free movement and dance, and she translates her studies of masculine/feminine energy, somatic movement & dance, embodiment and sensual erotism into her craft.

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