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Attention: Tantra Massage Course, Modul I, February 2022

I am very happy to announce that after the repeated success of the in person group course "Modul I - Introduction to Tantra Massage" I will be offering this course twice a year. The next group will take place from 18th to 20th of February 2022 in Berlin . The course starts on Friday 4pm and ends on Sunday 7pm. The course is ideal for couple, individual and friends that want to learn tantra massage. This is an introductory course in which we will learn, what is a tantra massage, origin and developments of the practice, different forms of touch, intention setting, grounding, energy channels, how to awaken the body, techniques for a full body massage, standing ritual, full body orgasm, short introduction to yoni and lingam massage.

The specifics of the yoni and lingam massage will be offered in a separate Modul II: "Modul II. Yoni and Lingam Massage". That Modul will also be teached in a 3 day format and will be offered later in the year for those that which to go deeper in the experience and knowledge of tantra massage.

A Modul III is also planned "Modul III - Advanced Tantra Massage" in which you will learn additional techniques and learn to rise the energy on a deeper level. Details to be announced.

The cost of each Model is 350€ to be payed in advance. Limited spots available. Send me a message to ensure your spot - or if you have any questions.

I am very excited to share this powerful, healing and intimate Art of Touch with you and together create the safe space to dare to open up and bring more vitality, acceptance, love, pleasure and peace into each one of our lives.

With love, Paula

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