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What is Human Design?

Human Design is a tool for self-knowledge and self-study based on ancient traditions such as astrology, I-Ching and the chakras system. I like to call it a modern astrology. One could say it is a more simple version of astrology and therefore easier to understand and apply into your life. It will teach you how your energy works, where your inner authority comes from, the best strategy to use your energy in all aspects of your life; as well as give you a hint on your purpose in life.

If you want to learn more, I will be teaching a class "Introduction to Human Design" in which you will learn the basics around human design to be used as a guide for self-study and self-reflexion. You will learn how to read your own chart and how to apply that knowledge into your life.

The course is online and will cover: - origin - 5 energy types (Manifestor, Generator, Manifestor-Generator, Projector, Reflector) - types of inner authority - the strategy to best use your design - the function of the 9 energy centers - how to research if you want to deepen your knowledge after the course

Before the course I will send you your chart so you can have it with you during the class and immediately apply the learned concepts to your chart. Some of the participants chart will be used as examples, if wished for.

Cost: 15€ (to be payed through paypal)

To apply please send me a message through the contact form with your Name, Birthday, Birth-time, Birthplace. Applications will be taken until 09.10. After payment, you will receive the link of the event.

All my love,

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