"Love is the goal, life is the journey." Osho

Real-lationship Session

1 hour   •   €100

2 hours  •  €180

3 hours •  €260

We all long for Intimacy in our lives. The real meaning of intimacy and how to create it is too often neglected in our society. People tend to search for an escape from the loneliness of the human condition with consumption, power, or prestige, none of which really fulfill the longings of the soul. Intimacy can be created and nurtured by sharing vulnerabilities, stripping away our defenses in front of each other. It can be achieved through non-violent communication, touch, assuming responsibility for ourselves, and acknowledging our desires and boundaries while also learning to communicate them to others.

The current cultural momentum has left us with a void of functioning, healthy, fulfilling relationship models. What has worked for previous generations does not fulfill the heart's longings in the Western 21st Century. What is that we long for in a relationship? How do we get there and how do we keep it alive? I am happy to help you explore those questions, supporting you as you find your own answers and create more intimacy in your current human connections.

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