"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." J. Campbell


1 hour     •   €100

1,5 hours •   €150

2 hours    •   €190

*This session is also available online.

Truly satisfying answers come from within. We live a culture that still tends to tell us what to do and strictly defines the boundary between right and wrong. But we need the tools to recognise, trust and act according to our inner, personal truth. Each one of us knows deep down what is the best for us in any given moment. The task is to recognise and unpack the things that keep us from being our authentic selves. These include believe systems, conditionings and feelings like shame, guilt, or lack of trust in ourselves or in life. Inner confusion arises when we are pulled in different directions between our heart's desires and what we believe should be. One of the indispensable tools to access our inner truth is to learn to feel and allow our entire range of feelings and sensations. I will be happy to share transformative tools to learn day by day to connect more and more with your inner truth, with your questions and with your answers, with your authentic desires and the intuitive voice that will guide you to live the life you want to live. Freedom, Joy, Love, Truth, Growth, Peace, Strength are waiting inside of you to be discovered.

In this intuitive session we work together with different tools, including meditation, breathwork, and inner exploration. We can easily move into bodywork and back, always adjusting to what feels right in that given moment. I will likely give you some homework to take out and experiment with in the world. 




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