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Workshops in Events, Festivals or Businesses

Love Vibration

at Medicine Festival - UK - 20.08.2021

What is love? A small word for the depth and variety of its meanings. Culture and society present a rather prescriptive form and narrow interpretation of love, yet the word love contains in itself many different meanings and expressions. From transient passionate love (Eros) to enduring bonding love (Philia) to self-love, to universal love - what some like to call “true love” (Agape) - I want to explore and expand the possible forms, understandings and expressions of love. I believe love is an action or a skill that can be learned and practiced. We will start with tuning into what love means to each of us and what are its constituting elements and practices. Then we move into a physical practice of expanding our heart space and energetic field - maybe even our experience of love. We will work solo and in pairs. I will bring elements of tantra and reiki into the practice, among others. 

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Self- Massage Workshop for Businesses 

Touch can be healing for body and soul. In this workshop you will learn how to use that simple, yet powerful tool to calm your nervous system - creating a sense of relaxation and well being; as well as increase self-respect and self-love. To assist us in this process of soothing our nervous system into a calmer and more relax state, we will breathe deeply and add some movement and sound. In this  way, the massage happens not only through touch on the outside, but also through breath and movement from the inside. By incorporating this self-massage ritual into your everyday life, you will not only give your body a nourishing little break, but also your mind. By learning what feels good to you, you will also be more able to communicate this to others and create healthier, more honest and more intimate relationships with others.

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