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What is tantra and why should I learn it?

Tantra is a milliner life philosophy helping practitioners on the path to liberation and living a fulfilled and authentic life.

Tantra is a non-dualistic philosophy which means that it considers every division to be an illusion. In reality, every thing contains its corresponding opposite. Light only exists as far as there is darkness. Ying only exists in opposition to Yang. Feminine is the counterpart of Masculine. One does not exist without the other. And the soul (non-material) only exists through the body (material). In tantra the body and the soul are considered two different expressions of the same thing. Therefore, the body is as sacred as the soul. It is through the body, through the material world, that we can experience the soul, the non-material, divine aspect that exists within each one of us. It is through the body that we experience existence, that we experience the force of life and death, of love and of creation. While most traditions and religions consider the body to be just a means to be transcended through rigours discipline in order to access the divine (or the soul, or God), tantra treats the body with the same respect and devotion which is given to the soul. The body is honoured and used as an path to connect to truth.  


In practical terms, this means that through working with the body with different techniques such as massage, meditation, breathing exercises, awareness and touch, we can connect with that which makes us "feel good" or gives us a sense of meaning, purpose or even the feeling we are exactly where we are supposed to be or exactly the way we are supposed to be - that which I like to call the soul or your true self. Following the same logic, our non-material issues, such as emotional and energetic imbalances or blockages, manifests in our bodies in form of tension, pain or even dis-ease. The path to gain consciousness is not always pleasant, but it mostly highly rewarding. The massages offered herein are a powerful tool to gain more consciousness through the body. Furthermore, touch and body contact is as much a basic need for humans, from moment of birth to moment of death, as is food, sleep and shelter. Loving touch calms the nervous system, steadies the mind, reduces pain disease. 


In order to establish and sustain access to our soul, to our purpose, to the "feel good" feelings, to inner guidance, to our "higher-self", to our truth, we need to learn to identify and digest any blockages in our system. Blockages can be limiting believes adopted through culture, education, conditioning, past experience, as well as unprocessed emotions. Collectively, we have learned how to think. Our rational mind, logic, technology has already reached a fantastic level of development and power. Nevertheless, we are still children when it comes to understanding and expressing our emotions. We are still giving baby steps in the arte of love, toward ourselves, others and nature. Emotions that we are not ready to process and digest stay stored in our system, just waiting for the moment in which we will stop. Stop and give them space to be, express and dissolve. Until then they will hunt us from our unconscious and look for ways of getting our attention through physical or emotional pain. Emotions just want to be felt - as soon as we feel safe enough to let them be, they flow through our bodies and we can move on with the course of our lives feeling lighter and more connected to our essence. Tantra and intuitive Massages are a great way of creating that safe space and time for that to happen.

Then more we are able to identify and process emotions; as well as set ourselves free from conditionings, unconscious believes and fears, the more whole we will become, accepting ourselves and reality as it is. And from there we will be able to act in the world as integral human beings, respecting all of life, and living a truly free and authentic life. 


Everybody carries the potential inside to live a blissful life. The tantric path is about clearing anything that keeps you from experiencing your full potential as a human being. This path is as long as your life itself, but is one, full of joy. 

Why Tantra?
Why sexuality?

Why should I explore my sexuality?

We all grow up in a twisted sexual context, surrounded

by secrecy and shame. Sexuality (alongside death) is still

the biggest taboo in western and eastern societies.

We all grow up in a twisted sexual context, surrounded by secrecy and shame. Sexuality (alongside death) is still the biggest taboo in western and eastern societies. Even if porn and the over sexualization used in advertisement might give the impression that we are able to openly talk about sexuality, truth is, we are not. We do not even have a neutral vocabulary to talk about sex, (which isn't child, porn or medical language). We do not receive sexual education that goes beyond the mechanical use of disease prevention and brith control. We are left without knowing basic genital anatomy, even less so how to handle erogenes zones in our own bodies and those of our partners, to access its blissful, ecstatic, empowering potential. We do not receive any guidance on how to nurture a healthy, nurturing, loving, pleasurable relationship to our bodies and the bodies of the ones we love. The over use of sexualisation in advertisement and the poor mainstream porn are nothing more than the twisted expression of repression of sexual energy and the condemnation of bodily pleasure into the hidden shameful corners of our human experience. 


Since childhood, we learn that touching our genitals is wrong and shameful. We learn that what feels good and natural to our bodies is actually something that is considered wrong. With that, we learn that  our truth (that which feels good to us) is actually wrong; and we stop trusting our natural guidance and intuition. Our body has the potential for mind-blowing, divine, empowering, life-giving, connecting, liberating pleasure. And the only danger in using this gift from nature is that we become ourselves, agents of the wild and wise force of nature. Sexual energy is the force that generates life. Sexual energy is life energy. The force that has brought the totality of existence to be in all its glory and complexity; and is beyond our rational understanding. It might also be said, that the most efficient social control mechanism is the disconnection of humans from the free floe of their sexual energy, from life force. Growing up whilst trying to repress our vital sexual energy or whilst being left clueless, reference less, in the dark, about how to deal with our vital sexual energy and desires, disconnects us from life itself, from our inner authority - surviving only, whilst trying to follow the rules prescribed from outer authority. The path to freedom has to pass through the full recognition, acceptance, liberation and maturation of our vital sexual energy. Learning to allow and communicate the free expression of our sexual energy is allowing the free expression of life force through us and consequently, allowing a more authentic expression of ourselves. 


From a therapeutic perspective, the sexual arena of our lives is where most of our hidden shame, guilt and disgust feelings become apparent. To have a look into sexuality, we need to get naked. Literally naked. Not only strip our psychological defences and personality masks. Having an honest good look at our nudity takes courage because it will show us, whatever we have been trying to hide so far. Our bodies are also who we are. How much respect, care, love, appreciation, gratitude, acceptance are we willing to give it?

From a spiritual perspective, sexual energy is one of the most powerful transformative and creative energies available to work with in the spiritual path. This force has been called kundalini by ancient yogis and tantricas: It is the dormant force (illustrated as a dormant snake resting in the base of the spine) which when awakened, penetrates the whole being, allowing for the free flow of live force and direct access to consciousness.

Healing can happen if we create a safe, non-judgemental space where you can be as you are and reconnect with the sensation of being perfectly imperfect, fully accepted and having a birth right to be exactly as you are and experience ecstatic pleasure and bliss. When I say ecstatic pleasure, I mean the kind of pleasure that makes your mind stop wondering and be fully here, fully present in the moment, and allows for you to perceive the always available beauty and perfection of life, the kind of pleasure that makes you feel connected with existence itself, the feeling of being exactly in the right place, at the right time, exactly as you are supposed to be, being part of a much bigger net, that goes beyond any rational understanding, being connected to something bigger, something that some like to call divine, or God itself. 

Cancelation Policy for Courses

In order for us the plan and ensure a good quality to our courses in terms of location and the amount of participants, we ask you for full payment at the moment of enrollment. Only that way we can guarantee your spot. 


Cancelation up until 2 months before the course will be refunded with the retention of a processing fee of 50€.

Cancelation between 2 months and 1 months before the course will be 50% refunded.

Cancelations one month before the course or 'no show' will not be refunded, unless another participant is appointed by the Person who canceled. If the participant decides to leave the course before its conclusion, there will be also no refund. 


In case of sickness through covid or other, please present a medical proof and we will refund you 20% of the enrollment fee.

Thank you for your understanding! We have a small group of participants and one cancelation can have strong impact on the viability of the course, impacting on everybody else involved. 

Cancelation Policy
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