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Tantra Massages

"The body is the temple in which the soul resides."

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All our body-work sessions follow the tantric principles of mind-body connection. The body is the physical expression of the soul and deserves to be honored, celebrated and listened to.

Our bodies carry incredible wisdom, if we pause and listen. Being connected to your body is essential to being in tune with what feels right and wrong to you, to your sense of self and purpose, to avoid disease, as well as to built healthy relationships with others. Our massages aim at strengthening this connection, releasing the tension (physical, emotional and energetical) that accumulates in the body either by unprocessed emotion or by the stress of everyday life in a fast paced society.

Neuroscience is continuously re-enofrcing this tantric understanding of mind-body connection and proving how a healthy sense of self derives from an attunement to the signals our bodies continuously send us. 

Our body work session are divided in 3 categories - and built on the following order: 

Energy Healing Berlin

This session is clothes on and works primarily with your energetic and emotional body, inviting your nervous system to calm down and gain insight. 
This session does not involve oil. 


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Tantra Massage Berlin

Like the previous one with the addition on yoni and lingam massage, inviting more vital energy to come into flow, including sexual energy as a healing force, if that is available.

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Tantra Massage Healing Berlin

This session is clothes off and works on the physical, energetic and emotional body and goes deeper into releasing, expanding and nurturing.


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Tantra for Women, Female Sexual Empowerment, Berlin

This is special offer to empower women to feel at home in their bodies, own the sexuality and connect to their intrinsic female power through their bodies. It contains elements of coaching and massage. It will be tailored to your very personal needs and desires. 


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