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Relationship Coaching

"Love is the goal, life is the journey." Osho

Couple Tantra Massage Embodiment Coaching Relationship Golden Polarity Journey Within Tantric Workshop Berlin

Relationship Coaching

1,5 hour   •   €150

2 hours   •   €200

3 Session Package   •   €420

This session is aimed at building more intimacy in you current relationship, as well as assist you with conflict resolution, bringing change into the relationship and create a safe space for communication and mutual understanding.  Intimacy can be created and nurtured by sharing vulnerabilities, stripping away our defenses in front of each other. It can be achieved through non-violent communication, touch, assuming responsibility for ourselves, and acknowledging our desires and boundaries while also learning to communicate them to others. I have also collected a broad experience assisting couples into making steps into a more open relationships. 

Relationship bring up the best and at times also the worst in us. With that raises the opportunity for significant growth and personal development. I am happy to help you to make the best of an uncomfortable situations, so that you can create the relationships that you truly long for in your life.

Together we will establish were you are at and where do you want to be to be living your dream relationship; as well as establish how can I support you on the way there. For that, I offer a 15min. free preliminary Video-Chat. 

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