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Embodiment Coaching

"The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." J. Campbell

Embodiment Coaching Berlin

Embodiment Coaching

1,5 hours    •  €  120

2 hours    •  €  160

6 Session Package    •  €  660

*This session is also available online.

Our lives and our relationships are determined by our unconscious attitudes and the driving forces at work in them. As a result, our lives often don't turn out the way we'd like. We can still wish so much where our life should develop - if we are not ready to fathom the causes of our unconscious attitudes and driving forces, we remain their puppets.

What are these unconscious attitudes and driving forces? In our life we ​​were often confronted with traumatic situations in which we had to suppress our natural impulses and suppress our feelings and memories deep within us. We ended up in a state of paralysis, retreat, and defense. Attitudes that still largely determine our lives today.

Embodiment coaching offers an effective way to make unconscious attitudes, misguided driving forces and belief systems, repressed feelings and memories accessible again to consciousness and to release and integrate the life energy contained therein. With that you can connect increasingly more with your inner truth, your authentic desires and your intuitive knowledge: and create the life that you want. Truly satisfying answers come from within. We just need to learn to listen. 

In this embodiment coaching, elements of cognitive therapy (mind) are combined with the physical and therefore also the emotional experience (body-work). Touch, breathing, voice and movement are used to increase physical awareness.

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