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Massage Berlin

Our Space 

Elsa- Brändström-Strasse 4

13189, Berlin


Groundfloor. Doorbell: Heilpraxis


Our beautiful Studio is located in between Prenzlauerberg and Pankow.

2 min walking distance from U2 - Vinetastrasse. 

Often parking possibilites right in front.

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Our Philosophy

We have a modern therapeutic and trauma-informed approach to tantra. 

Modern: in addition to tantric and neo-tantric studies, we welcome and incorporate different techniques arising from the modern sex-positive education wave, including consent theory (wheel of consent), boundaries, bdsm, gender sciences, feminist sexual revolution, non-violent communication, somatic therapy, body-psychotherapy, trauma-therapy, among others. Tantra is an oral tradition and its power lies in its constant adaptation to the times in which it is practiced.  A modern wave of tantra massage has been initiated in the german speaking territory by Nhanga (Perlentor). We are thankful for her teachings and are eager to push them forward.

Trauma informed: we incorporate the learnings of neuroscience about how trauma affects the brain and therefore the experience of reality. Meaning we are aware that traumatic events on our lives (big or small) influence how our brain process information and how (and how much) one feels in their own body. Change in behaviour and in somatic experience can only be brought forward if we create a safe space for the body to register new experiences. Creating a sense of safety is essential in all our sessions anda a pre-requierment to move forward.

Therapeutic: part of our mission is to bring lasting transformative experiences into peoples lives. For changes to last, it is important that people make new experience in the body (somatic understanding) as well intellectually understand/process these experiences (cognitive understanding). To foster that, we use a lot of communication in our sessions. Always asking our clients what they are experiencing and supporting them to speak from a place of vulnerability and truth, as well developing a richer vocabulary to express their most intimate experiences. This will empower them to communicate more clearly and honestly in all their relationships and bring lasting change into their lives.

Fair wages: All our therapists, most oh whom are women, have extensive trainings in multiple holistic healing modalities. This work requires immense amount of emotional intelligence, energetic availability and physical dedication. As a business run by women, we believe that the ability to hold space for people to heal should be compensated according to its transformative contribution to society. We believe that fair wages for our therapists express our profound respect for their profession; as well as support the well-being, health and safety of the team and of clients. This will guarantee you are in safe and loving hands in our studio.  

Letter from the Founder
paula strakos

Letter from the Founder

Hello, my name is Dr. Paula Strakos (de. jur). The human experience has always fascinated me. I have an academic background in law and human rights, finishing my Ph.D. on the Human Right to Water in 2022. Nevertheless, science never satisfied my thirst for understanding myself and the meaning of life. Thinking was not enough, I need to learn how to feel. 

Having grown up not feeling truly satisfied with my available spiritual and emotional references, I tried out every self-knowledge and self-awareness tool that came my way. I collected a broad range of useful and transformative techniques to journey within myself and pave a path into a life of true freedom, authenticity and love. My heart fills up with joy when sharing these insights and truths with others who are committed to finding themselves and living a meaningful life.​

My training in Body- Psychotherapy  (licensed as Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie) allowed me develop a more therapeutic, trauma-informed and neuroscience based approach to tantra. Additionally, I am trained as a Reiki Master, Advanced Tantric-Yoga Teacher, Tantra Masseuse, Women's Health and Sexuality Coach, and Intuition and Meditation practicioner.

Over the years of initiating and accompanying people on their tantric path, I have built a team of trusted and well-qualified tantra masseuses and coaches. Meet the team here.

All of us are delighted to accompany you in the tantric path of self-discovery, freedom, authenticity and truth. I am looking forward to meeting you in our studio for a massage, coaching or in one of our transformative workshops. 

With love and warmth, 


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