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Tantra Workshops

"Healing happens in relationship with others."

Join us for an immersive group experience and explore the transformative power of tantra within a supportive community. Our Tantra Workshops are designed to create a safe space for you to deeply connect with yourself and others, guided by the principles of self-responsability, honesty and mutual respect. 

​All workshops are held in English in Berlin by our experienced and qualified team. Each one of our courses focuses on different tantric practices such as: learning the Art of Touch, explore the therapeutic potential of tantric practices or empower women to be truly alive in their bodies. We also offer a regular practice evening for people that have attended one of our workshops before.

If you are intrested in one of our courses, we will schedule a short video chat (ca. 15min) so we can get to know each other, see if that course is a good match for what you are looking for and give you the chance to clarify any questions. Select below to find our more:

Tantra Massage Workshop, Art of Touch, Berlin
Tantric Therapy
Trantra for Women, sexual empowerment, embodiment, femininty, glowing gold women
Tantra Massage Practice Evening
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