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“My experience with Paula was extraordinary in the best sense. Her mindful, attentive and consent-based approach gave me a safe space of trust to let go which I didn‘t think possible for me. As a very head-centered person I was astonished by the emotions and sensations as well as the connection which were facilitated by her presence, empathy and intuition.”


“Liebe Paula, durch dir hat sich mir Sinnlichkeit nochmal ganz neu erschlossen. Für mich bist du eine Künstlerin der Berührung, Wahrnehmung und Achtsamkeit. Ich danke dir für die Öffnungen der Tür zu meinem Reichtum.”


“For the first time I truly feel comfortable in my body and find it beautiful. I have also learned what I like and how to ask for it. This has brought me great fun.”


"Thank you for opening so many doors of feeling and connection to myself. This has changed how I live my life.


"The work with Paula has helped me to connect deeper to myself, especially with my womb. I had tried all possible ways to become pregnant and only after a guided womb meditation with Paula, I was able to truly connect and listen to my womb. My big wish to become a mother came true after doing this work"


"Paula is extremely kind and loving, yet firm. She will tell you things as they are."


“To be honest I was little skeptical about all that is said about tantra, but this was truly a new and mind-blowing experience. It was the first time I received a tantra massage, and I could not think of a better person than Paula to introduce me to it. She made it a beautiful and intense experience where I could truly lose myself in the moment.”


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