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Tantric Therapy Workshop

In this 8 days (divided in 2 blocks) workshop you will learn to use tantra techniques in a one-on-one therapeutic or coaching setting. These techniques range from somatic and embodiment practices, emotional release, energy-work, bodywork, breath-work, therapeutic inquiry, constellation, body-psychotherapy to coaching. This is a method design to bring cognitive understanding in alignment with somatic understanding - allowing you to let more life force flow through and inviting more authenticity into your life. You will learn how to apply different technique to others as well as go through the processes yourself.


At early age we are thought to think. But little support and guidance we receive to learn to feel our bodies, emotions and energetic field. Embodiment practices arise from the understanding that our experience and understanding of the world are directly related to how we feel in our bodies. Our bodies have a clear language that when listen to, can help us to understand ourselves, our needs and our emotions better - so to feel empowered to be our true selfs.

This workshop is about building a stronger connection with your body, nurturing intimacy with your most intimate expression and finding treasure that might be hidden deep in your physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is about creating a stronger connection and unity between mind and body - inviting more inner peace in. As well as gaining more clarity about what really matters to you and translate that understanding into you life and relationships might they be romantic, platonic or professional. At the same time taking powerful tools home to work with others. This course is clothes-on. 

Next Date:  Autumn, 2024. Exact dates TBD

Workshop times: 2 Blocks, each:

Thursday and Friday from10h to 17:30h,

Saturday from 10:30h to 19h, Sunday from 10:30h to 15h.

Price: 800€ per Person

Location:​ Berlin

This workshop is held in English by Dr. Paula Strakos (Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapy)

To enrol please fill up our book online form. We will schedule a quick video-call to get to know each other and clarify any questions. Your place is only guaranteed after payment. 

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