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Tantra Massages

"The body is the temple in which the soul resides."


 Tantric Healing Massage

2 hours      •  180€

2.5 hours   •  230€

This Massage is designed to take you into a journey within and leave you feeling more connected to your body and your inner truth and guidance. From time to time its is essential to check in with ourselves. Our body has great wisdom to share with us, if we take the time to listen. Any little discomfort, pain or tension can lead us into a deeper realisation of what we need in order to live a balanced and authentic life.  

This is done by bringing your vital energy into flow, by working with your energy channels, assisting in the removal of energetic and emotional blockages, cleansing your aura and balancing your chakras. Whenever blockages and energy leakages are brought closer to balance, you might experience healing, a deep sense of peace and harmony with the flow of life and yourself. We will also work with breath, sound and movement.

This is an intuitive massage and is each time different. Nevertheless, it is based on differentes healing techniques coming from: tantra, taoism, body psychotherapy, sexological bodywork, reike, ayurvedic massage, lomi lomi and de-armouring. 

The prices are for the total session time and include an introductory check-in and a closing talk, as well as shower time before and after the massage. The massage is ca. 30' shorter than the total session time. 

2 hours      •  200€

2.5 hours   •  250€

3 hours      •  300€

Tantra Massage
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Full Tantra Massage

This massage is an honouring ritual to the body. Loving touch together with playful sensual elements create a dreamy atmosphere of nourishment, pleasure and deep connection. We will use the breath, some sound and movement to set vital energy into flow. Working with your energy channels it will support you in steading the mind and calming the nervous system. 

The totality of the body is included in the massage if it feels right at that moment to you. The yoni (for women) and lingam (for men) will be included into the massage and sexual energy is welcome to arise. It will be then distributed through the body, taking you towards a more full body experience of pleasure. Orgasms are not a goal of this massage, even if they can happen. The massage is designed to take you into a journey within and  explore your full body potential for pleasure from a place of relaxation and presence; with that, you might left feeling more connected to your body, your feelings, your sense of self and to inner peace

This is a recieving experince. You are invited to surrender to the magic that your own body can create when you gift it with attention, time, slowness and presence. Theres is no exchange of touch with the giver. This is one of the greatest self-caring gifts you could give to yourself.

This is an intuitive massage and is each time different. Nevertheless, it is based on differentes healing techniques coming from: tantra, taoism, energetic healing, body psychotherapy, sexological bodywork, reike, ayurvedic massage, lomi lomi. We are caring of consent and boundaries, checking in with you each step of the way. 

The prices are for the total session time and include an introductory talk as well as shower time before and after the massage. The massage is ca. 30' shorter than the total session time. 

We offer 4 - Hand Massages under request.

Please make your booking at least 24 hours in advance.

The Team 

Our team consist of well trained and trusted tantra masseuses. We all share the common vision of tantra as a tool for healing, nourishment for body and soul, growth, expansion and to strengthen the connection to your true-self. We aim to create a safe space, free of judgment in which you can be in your totality. Come explore with us.

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For Cathi, tantra is a path to healing. Devotion and full acceptance are guiding principles in her massage. You are allowed to come into deep relaxation and experience your life force (kundalini) come to flow in your body, bringing soul and body together into unity.

Cathi has a great sense to anticipate peoples needs and spends much of her time producing important artist of the Berlin scene. Sessions in German and English.


For Alma, tantra massage is an intimate dance, a sensual ritual, a comforting song during which you are invited to feel your inner world. She uses touch as a healing tool and cares for creating a safe space in which you can experience yourself deeply and let go of what is not needed anymore. Trained as a tantra masseuse, her work is enriched by her experience as a reiki practitioner, shiatsu studies, as well as her involvment in the conscious kink community. Sessions in English, German, French. 


For Julia a tantra massage is an opportunity to experience your body as a whole, allowing it to revitalize and enjoy its full sensual potential. Julia has worked as a masseuse and Heilpraktiker for over a decade; alway rejoicing in the pleasure of giving and supporting people in their path to inner peace.  She has specialized in teaching and coaching the inner-Child work. She is passionate about music. Sessions in German and English 


Judith had transitioned from being a yoga teacher into tantra massage and has a broad experience in supporting people in the exploration of their sexuality. She is devoted to robe play as means to experience true surrender. She can bring this element into your massage by request. For her a tantra massage is a worship Ritual in which you get to enjoy and receive. You get to be fully yourself and experience the healing power of full acceptance. Sessions in English, German, French. 


For Linda there is nothing more sublime than experiencing the present moment. In her sessions she will invite you to arrive in that state of bliss through gentle and loving touch, breath sound and somatic movement. For her, pleasure is medicine. She combines techniques from various traditions such as Tantra, thai massage, myofascial massage and de-armouring;  as well as adding balancing Reiki and Craniosacral routines for an overall physical, emotional and spiritual healing experience. Sessions in English or Finnish.


In her tantra massages, Mathilde creates a space for people to come home to their body and essence, tap into their wisdom and live with ease, joy and purpose. She has a wide experience in supporting people in the tantric path. Her work is trauma informed. "All parts of your body are touched with devotion, and the work supports you to become vibrant and present." She has specialized in working with women through year long studies. Sessions in English, German, French. 


Maika Maika accompanies people in their massage experiences with presence, intuition and love. For her, touch is the key to getting in touch with one's own essence and body. This can set healing processes in motion. In her sessions she also brings in elements from her practice of Intuitive Thai Meridian Massage. For Maika, tantra massages are a sensual encounter with one's own essence and the infinity of the present moment.

Sessions in German.


Tantra Massage, for Mario, is an instrument to bring change and healing into the world. He has experience with a broad range of massages, from Lomi Lomi to Swedish Massage to sensual tantra massages. He is committed to creating deeply relaxing journeys of touch to bring you out of your head and straight into the body, allowing you to access places of natural bliss. The play between strong relaxing touch and gentle opening touch is a trademark of his sessions. Sessions in English and German.


Silvia is devoted to celebrating people through their bodies. In her artistic work she drawes honoring paintings of the yoni and lingam. In her body-work sessions she welcomes the totality of who you are. For her, Tantra Massage is a journey to the heart and to your true self. It supports you to let go of what holds you back from relating in an authentic and loving way to yourself and others, allowing for more love to flow through you. She is trained in Ayurvedic medicine and tantric practices. Sessions in English, German and Italien.

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For Sina tantra is about coming into presence, releasing and being full aware of what is - as well as sourcing from pleasure to support your intention and unlock your inner peace. She has an inherent warm and playfull energy which invite you to be fully at ease. She has dedicated herself to the tantric path for almost a decade and loves to support people that chose to do the same. She is trained as a yoga teacher and tantra masseuse at JW, besides an extensiv career in high level business.  Sessions in German and English.

The Team
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