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Tantra Healing Massages

"The body is the temple in which the soul resides."

Energy Healing

75 min   •   € 100

90 min   •   € 120

120 min •   € 170

Tantra Berlin

 Tantra Healing Massage

2 hours      •  190€

2.5 hours   •  240€

3 hours      •  280€

This Tantra Massage is designed to take you into a journey within and leave you feeling more connected to your body and your inner truth and guidance. From time to time its is essential to check in with ourselves. Our body has great wisdom to share with us, if we take the time to listen. Any little discomfort, pain or tension can lead us into a deeper realisation of what we need in order to live a balanced and authentic life.  

This is done by bringing your vital energy into flow, by working with your energy channels, assisting in the removal of energetic and emotional blockages, cleansing your aura and balancing your chakras. Whenever blockages and energy leakages are brought closer to balance, you might experience healing, a deep sense of peace and harmony with the flow of life and yourself. We will also work with breath, sound and movement.

This Tantra Healing Massage in based on the tantric principal of the mind-body unity as well as on its energetic aspects. This massage differs from the full tantra massage because it does not contain yoni or lingam massage - and it might be a great option if you are new to tantra or if you are experienced with tantra and want to focus on the full body healing experience. We will used techniques from: tantra, taoism, body psychotherapy, sexological bodywork, energy healing, reike, ayurvedic massage, lomi lomi and de-armouring. 

The prices are for the total session time and include an introductory check-in and a closing talk, as well as shower time before and after the massage. The massage is ca. 30' shorter than the total session time. 

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