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The Free Woman

"The Wound is the place where the Light enters you." Rumi

The Free Women
Tantra Massage Embodiment Coaching Golden Women Journey Within Tantric Workshop Women'sRetreat Berlin

Sessions to free the feminine

3-hours session  •  € 300


Package • 3 x 3h session •  € 810

*Many of the work done in this session is also available in online sessions.

In this session I will guide you to establish a deeper contact to your body and feelings through different techniques including massages, meditations, breath work and movement; always pointing your conscious awareness towards what is going on in that exact moment so that you learn to perceive, identify, transmute and communicate your feelings, your needs, your intuition, your desires, your truth. You will learn to listen to your body, to feel yourself deeper and clearer and from there, to explore the pleasure of your body and of being who you truly are. The Yoni massages will have different focus according to your needs in a given session, ranging from: relaxing and releasing; pleasure; de-armouring; ejaculation exploration.

Sessions include homework to build and fix new perceptions and understanding in the body and mind (somatic learning) as well as optional reading material. 

What does being a woman mean? 

Gender roles are going through an essential transformation since the middle of the last century. The meaning and role of women have been changing drastically. Yet the qualities of personality that are considered female or feminine are still neglected into a second category of importance. Leaving us somehow disoriented in the world. Our orientation lays in knowing who we truly are. 

This session is for you if you are exploring what being a women means, if you are looking to connect more deeply to your female nature, being it to the power, freedom, pleasures, independence of Artemis (the Virgin); the creating, nurturing and loving potential of the Mother; or/and the transformative power of the Red Lady (Death and Re-birth).

One of the most important aspects we will work with is self-love ans self-care. This has to include the body. Reclaiming our bodies and acknowledging our beauty is essential in the path to liberation. True beauty comes from within, an inner light that shines through from the inside out. This is a peace making process that we go through for ourselves, for our mothers, for our daughters, as well as for our fathers, brothers and sons. As keepers of the power to give and take life, it is in our hands to initiate healing processes within. With that we will be fully in the world as we are, and with we will therefore make space for others to become fully themselves, forgiving every pain or illusion of debt among genders, cultures and generations.

Self-knowledge must include the knowledge of our bodies, of our anatomy, of our pleasure zones, our potential for mind-blowing, transformative and transcendental sexual pleasure, as well as knowledge of our wounds and pains - be they physical, emotional or spiritual. If we do not assume responsibility for our pleasure and safety and learn how to navigate our bodies, no one will ever do it for us. It is only from the knowledge of our body that we can communicate our needs and desires and get them fulfilled by the outer world. 

We will also work with any emotional or energetically blockages that might be stored in your body. Every non processed emotion stays stores in our bodies until we allow it to be felt. The work includes feeling everything there is to be felled, not only the pleasant or "good" sensations. For that to be possible, we will co-create a safe and loving space in which you feel comfortable and supported. Some call this type of work de-armouring. They assume that we carry an armour of non-digested emotions and consequent protection mechanism that leafs us feeling stiff and blocks the free flow of life energy through us - leading eventually to dis-ease in the body, if not dealt with. 

Women are cyclical beings, our powers lays in this cyclicality. Yet we still live in a culture and society where things are seen in linear terms and we struggle to understand the meaning and power of cycles. We will address the cyclical nature of the feminine body and soul, using archetypes and symbols from mythology and nature; and exploring ways to incorporate this understanding into your life. ​

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