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Couples Tantra Massage

"Love is the goal, life is the journey." Osho


Couples Tantra Massage

2 hour   •   €390

2,5 hours   •   €480

3 hours   •   €580

3,5 hours  •   €680

This session is for you if you want to experience something new as a couple, add a new range of tools and knowledge into your relationship, start to explore what tantra means together or just gift your partner a beautiful shared experience on a special occasion. Each member of the relationship is going to receive their own massage from a masseuse or masseur from our team. We recommend that each one of you receive their massage in separate rooms so that you can let go and concentrate on your own experience. At the end of the massage you are brought into the same room for rest and integration. If desired the couples massage can take place in the same room. When booking please let us know if you want to be massaged by female or male masseuses. 

To learn more about the healing massage and tantra massage, please click here

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