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Tantra Massage

"The body is the temple in which the soul resides."

Tantra Massage Berlin

Full Tantra Massage

2 hours     •  240€

2.5 hours  •  270€

3 hours     •  300€ (recommended)

3,5 hours  •  350€

4 hours     •  400€

This tantra massage is an honouring ritual to the body. Life energy will be set in motion by awakening your senses. Loving and caring touch together with playful sensual elements bring you into the here and now, where you can feel yourself on deeper levels. An atmosphere of nourishment, pleasure and deep connection is created. 


We will use touch, breath, sound and movement to release tension/energetic blockages and to set vital energy into flow. Working with your energy channels will support you in steading the mind and calming the nervous system. 

The totality of the body is included in the tantra massage if it feels right at that moment to you. The yoni (for women) and lingam (for men) will be included into the massage and sexual energy is welcome to arise. It will be then distributed through the body, taking you towards a more full body experience of pleasure. Orgasms are not a goal of this massage, even if they can happen. This tantra massage is designed to take you into a journey within and  explore your full body sensorial potential from a place of relaxation and presence; with that, you might leave feeling more connected to your body, your feelings, your sense of self and to inner peace. 

This is a receiving experience. You are invited to surrender to the magic that your own body can create when you gift it with attention, time, slowness and presence. Theres is no exchange of touch with the giver. This is one of the greatest self-caring gifts you could give to yourself. Our masseuse/masseurs will be wearing underwear to reflect the giver and receiver dynamic, inviting a stronger sense of safety in and supporting the receiver to bring the awareness in - dropping even deeper into their internal experience. While still allowing for the nurturing and close skin-to-skin contact that is typical for tantra massages.

This is an intuitive massage and is each time different. Nevertheless, it is based on differentes healing techniques coming from: tantra, taoism, energetic healing, body psychotherapy, sexological bodywork, de-armoring, reike, ayurvedic massage, lomi lomi. We are caring of consent and boundaries, checking in with you each step of the way. 

The prices are for the total session time and include an introductory talk as well as shower time before and after the massage. The massage is ca. 30' shorter than the total session time. Please make your booking at least 24 hours in advance.

Click here for Couples Tantra Massage.

Four-Hand Tantra Massage

2 hours     •  440€

2.5 hours  •  500€

3 hours     •  560€

If you have already received tantra massages before and would like to have an even deeper experience, you might consider a 4-Hand massage in which your body will be honored by two members of our team simultaneously, supporting you into deeper release and inviting more energy into flow. 

The prices are for the total session time and include an introductory talk as well as shower time before and after the massage. The massage is ca. 30' shorter than the total session time. 

Women's  Special

3 x 3 hours     •  810€

If you are a women and are looking to establish a deeper connection to your body, feelings, truth, as well as explore different ways to experience your femininity through tantra, we have put together this special offer for you!

This is package of 3 sessions (all 3 hours long) in wich you will receive a combination of tantra massage and coaching, adjusted to your personal needs and rhythm to support you in your journey. We will be working with massage, coaching, breath work and movement; always pointing your conscious awareness towards what is going on in that exact moment so that you learn to perceive, identify, transmute and communicate your feelings, your needs, your intuition, your desires, your truth. You will learn to listen to your body, to feel yourself deeper and clearer and from there, to explore the pleasure of your body and of being who you truly are.

The Yoni massages will have different focus according to your needs in a given session, ranging from: relaxing and releasing; pleasure and de-armouring. Sessions include homework to build and fix new perceptions and understanding in the body and mind (somatic learning) as well as optional reading material. The prices are for the total session time.

You can also check out our Tantra Workshops for Women and Tantric Women's Circle.

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