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massage therapy, tantra massage, meditation techniques, energetic healing, reiki. 

journey within to - realign body, mind, soul - reconnect to your body and well-being - experience more pleasure - access your intuition, inner peace, inner strength - experience inner healing - develop more self-awareness, self-love and self-care - learn about tantra - discover new depth in your sexuality - add a broader range of colours and pleasures to life

*most of the sessions offered in here, can be taken online. Stay healthy, balanced and connected to your inner truth.  


Finding who you truly are

My name is Paula Strakos. The human experience has always fascinated me. I have an academic background in law and human rights, finishing my Ph.D. on the Human Right to Water in 2020. Nevertheless, science never satisfied my thirst for understanding myself and the meaning of life. 

Having grown up not feeling truly satisfied with my available spiritual and emotional references, I tried out every self-knowledge and self-awareness tool that came my way. I collected a broad range of useful and transformative techniques to journey within myself and pave a path into a life of true freedom, authenticity and love. My heart fills up with joy when sharing these insights and truths with others who are committed to finding themselves and living a meaningful life.

I am trained as a Reiki Master, Advanced Tantric-Yoga Teacher, Tantra Masseuse, Women's Health and Sexuality Coach, and Intuition and Meditation Practitioner.

Sessions can be held in English, German, Portuguese or Spanish. Sessions available in Berlin, London, Mallorca, São Paulo, Australia. 


“To be honest I was little skeptical about all that is said about tantra, but this was truly a new and mind-blowing experience.”


Please share which type of session you would like to book and your preferred date & time. I will be in touch
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"The bravest of Souls are those who choose love. Again and Again."

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