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I've lived as a man & a woman - here's what I learned | Paula Stone Williams | TEDxMileHigh

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Such a beautiful testimonial about the experience of living from two different perspectives in the same world. And above all, such a touching testimonial about the value of living your truth, being authentic, even if consequences are challenging. Yet, what is most touching about this ted talk is the last part, in which Paula reports about the willingness of her father to try to understand and overcome his own inner struggle for the sake of loving his child: "one man willing to give over his power.... he was willing to do whatever it takes, to honour the journey of another."

One of the most challenging things is to have the humbleness to accept the journey of another exactly as it is, without thinking that the other need our help, our fix, our opinion or would be better off if they lived their lives as we think would make them happier. Full respect for another's journey, understanding the uniqueness and perfection of every single human being, is a much needed capability for humans to build a respectful, peaceful and loving world. And for that to be possible, it is essential that we learn to accept, respect and honour our own personal journey in this life. Even if, and specially then, when what makes us happy, is outside of the life trajectory expected of us. All my respect for the journey of Paula Stone William and all my gratitude for her courage to be so beautifully herself and help us understand the world around us.

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