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Tantra Gift Voucher this Christmas

There is no better gift we could think of than gifting your loved ones and/or yourself a moment to let go, be and experience yourself fully, nourish the body and the soul; and invite more life-force and pleasure to flow through.

You can choose amongst our tailored offerings: Tantra Healing Massage, Full Tantra Massage, Energetic Healing or to go deeper a couples private Tantra Massage Workshop or an embodiment coaching.

Our sessions aim to support you in building a deeper relationship to your body on physical, emotional, and energetic levels. Strengthening your mind-body connection will allow you to gain more clarity about what really matters to you and invite more pleasure, authenticity, and intimacy into your life.

This is a perfect place to learn about tantra, realign body, mind and soul - re-connect to a sense of self, inner-peace and belonging, develop more self-awareness and self-love, and work on your relationship with others.

Our intention is to create a safe space for you to experience all layers of your being, release what does not serve you anymore and open space for more life force to flow through you.

We have a beautiful voucher available. It is in digital form and you have the option to print at home. Let us know which session you would like to gift through our online booking form.

We cant wait to welcome you and/or your loved ones this winter.

With warmth,

Journey Within Team

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