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International Mental Health Day

Today 10.10 is global mental-health day #globalmentalhealthday

Why is that important?

Before the pandemic 1 in 8 people were living with a mental health disorder (WHO 2019). It is still unclear to what extend the pandemic increased this number.

We all know how heart it is to stay centered in these times where social media tends to make us feel not good enough, fomo and isolated. Times in which the news about big geopolitical changes keep on pouring in through our screens and make us feel helpless, insecure, weak and overwhelmed.

We are ALL affected by it. And we are ALL not prepared for it.

It is only recently that we are changing the status quo of having to deal with it all by ourselves. We are not machines. We are not only rational animals. We are complex rational AND emotional animals and need to integrate both aspects to live meaningful lives. Our mental health deserves the same attention that we put into physical and intellectual health. We need regular self-awareness exercise to start to understand our feelings, our needs and true desires and how to get them fulfilled. Mental health is something we can practice and learn. Do not wait for things to get harder before getting help and support. There is no shame in asking for it. We ALL need it.

Today take some time for one of these:

  • Take some time to check in with your self through journaling or meditation (20min).

  • Take some deep breaths and allow all your feelings to be there without judging them or wanting them to go away. (20min).

  • Check in with your loved ones, asking how they are feeling and sharing your feelings.

  • Reach out and spend some time with a friend or group of friends

  • Ask for support if you are struggling with something

  • Move your body

And we are here to support you to get in touch with your feelings, with your body, with the here and now. To hold you and remind you how special you are. Hit us up for a body-oriented coaching, a massage, an energetic healing session or any other of our nurturing and centering sessions.

Together we are stronger 💙

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