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Why can a tantra massage be healing?

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

One of the main principles of tantra is non-dualism. One of the translations of that principle into our lives is that the mind and the body (non-matter and matter) are not two separate aspects of the self but one only. There is no mind without the body and there is no body without a mind (mindbody connection). This might sound obvious at first but our society tends to treat these as two separate aspects. We are thought how to think in a rational but it is rarely brought to our attention that what the thinks is actually influenced by how we feel. And our feelings we experience through to body. Every thought or feeling has a certain reaction in our body, increasing or diminishing our heart beat, our breath, the seize of our veins and activating different muscles, tensing or relaxing them. And yet vey rarely we are asked "what are you feeling?". This question alone can hard to answer. Many times we do not know. We were not taught how to feel even less how to communicate what we are feeling. On the contrary, much of our education since childhood has made us disconnect from our feelings and consumerist, productive-driven society has made us turn our attention to external gratification. Leaving us even more out of sink with what is going on in our inner world. A tantra massage is an opportunity a guided invitation to tune in with ourselves, an intimate encounter with our inner world. Through breath, sound, movement and touch we slowly start to come back to the sensations in the body might they be physical, emotional or energetic. Through slowness we built the trust that the body needs to open up. Emotions that have been buried deep within might come to the surface and find a safe space where they can just be for a moment. And then allow for a greater flow of vital energy in the body. A tantra massage might open the doors of perception of physical body and with that allow for a greater access to your true self in an authentic manner. Re-connecting with the your emotions and instinct that serve as an internal compass for you on how to live your best life. On the long term of consistent somatic body-work you will be supported in becoming more true to yourself and with that create the life that you truly desire to live, inviting more health, intuition, love, connection and self-responsibility. Come explore and book a session with our team in Berlin.


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