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We finally have the date for all the next tantra massage workshops in 2022. Safe your spot!

Hello dear reader, I am happy to share with you that the last edition of our Tantra Massage Course Level I in Feb 2022 was a beautiful, warm, opening and connecting experience. Thank you to everyone that showed up and made it possible. My heart feels warm and thankful when I look back.

That experience has given me the extra push to establish the Workshop Calendar for the remaining Part of 2022. As already announced, we will be having the very much awaited Tantra Massage Course Level II in May 6th to 8th. Enrollment is open! As usually, we have limited spots available so hit me up to guarantee your spot.

For the rest of the year, we will have:

Level I in June 10 to 12.

Level I in September 2 to 4.

Level II in September 23 to 25.

Level III in November 4 to 6.

Level I in December 2 to 4.

Please remember it is pre-requisite to have taken part in Level I before joining Level II and in Level II before joining Level III.

If you are curious to participate, but are nor sure yet, please reach out and I can clarify any questions.

Here you can read some testimonials of the participation in our last retreat:

"Paula has created an environment where I felt safe to be, open up and explore the techniques. I felt relaxed throughout the entire time and enjoyed the hours of "just trying". At the end of the retreat I felt like I had received a 2,5 day long tantra massage, I felt very warm, nourished and connected with my body. It was obvious how much knowledge and understanding Paula has share about the tantric path and I can not wait to learn more from her."

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