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What is love and how to get better at it?

I am so proud I will be sharing the stage with so many remarkable medicine keepers and thought leaders at the medicine festival UK 2021. I will be offering an interactive workshop where we will discuss the different meanings of love and how to practice them. We tend to think that love is a thing that happens to us, but in reality love is something that we experience the strongest when it flows from inside out. So it is our own ability to love that is going to determinate how much love we experience. Another very interesting approach to love is that, love is an active practice in which we can get better at. We are all born with the capacity for love, but that does not mean that we are born with a pre-determinate capacity for love. On the contrary, we can practice to be more and more loving. These practices expand from compassion, forgiveness, generosity, patience, kindness, loyalty until using the universal available energetic experience of love through techniques such a reiki. These practices apply for love at the universal level, for friendship, erotic love and for self-love. Love is to ability to see the world/ the other or ourselves as flawed individuals and still hold it/them/us on high regard. I believe exercising our capacity for love is one of the greatest gifts we can do to ourselves and others and to create a more peaceful and harmonic world. This is true especially in the times in which it is the hardest to do so. This is why I am presenting this topic on the context of #bethemedicine Come join me in this powerful practice. #medicinefestival For more information about the festival, visit

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