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Where to look for answers during the Coronavirus Crises

The coronavirus has set us all off the tracks at one or another level. Beside having many expectations crashed regarding our plans, projects, events, travels we are also threatened in our basic freedoms. This shakes up not only our outer structures but also inner world; and gives us the opportunity to explore and connect to the place from which our personal strength and resilience arise. At the end, we all strive for the same human experiences of love, safety, acceptance, well-being and truth. It might seem contradictory to speak of well-being in times where we might feel that "the world" is falling apart. But I like to think that it is especially in these moments, in which our egos are left bewildered, unable of projecting the safety and peace that we long for, lies the opportunity to find a true sense of peace that comes from deep within, and stays unshaken in every circumstance, including the eminence of death, be it from a routine, a life style, a loved one, or ourselves.

It is in the spirit of this opportunity presented to us all, that I would like to invite you to explore the silence within through meditation and begin an inner revolution guided by the extremely talented teacher Adyashanti. Enrolment for his online retreat has been postponed until March 23. Go find the answers for your longings in the silence that this times incentive.

On practical terms, there are little things we can do to support our community. I not only believe but have experienced throughout a life trying be make myself useful to the collective, that there is no greater contribution that you can do, then keeping your heart open, your eyes and ears open to others as well as to yourself and keep on vibrating the frequency of love, understanding, acceptance, joy and faith in mother nature - the one that has created us and the entire universe. We are subject to and servants of her. Let's listen to what she has to say. Stay brave, lovers.

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