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What is the difference between a tantra massage and an erotic massage?

Many people immediately associate tantra massage with erotic massages, buts we see it as very different things. They differ in intention, purpose, execution and benefits. Erotic massages are like wellness massages with sensual elements and the famous happy ending in which the genitals are stimulated with the goal of orgasming. That is not the case in a tantra massage.

A tantra massage is an introduction into the tantric path. Tantra is a life philosophy that has evolved millennia ago with the goal of exploring the human nature and bringing more vitality, authenticity, truth and connection to people. One of the main principles of tantra is its non-dualism. Meaning that everything has its counterpart. Hot and Cold. Bright and Dark. Body and Soul. The tantric philosophy explores both sides of life. So in order to experience the soul, or the divine inside of us, it is essential that we give the body (which is the counterpart of the soul) meaningful attention. The intention in the tantra massage is to connect to that deeper aspect of our existence that reminds us of things like, we are all connected, I am love, the only real things is the present moment, and many other "truths". For that, yes, we do honor the body through slow and sensual touch. We do that to support the receiver to arrive step by step more into the present moment, to slow down from our fast tempo societal rhythm into the slowness that allows us to perceive what we are actually really feeling. All feelings are welcome during a session. And once we gifted our bodies with some caring attention, the body is able to release and dive into a deeper sense of presence. With that more vital energy starts to flow and if sexual energy wants to flow, we welcome it. We welcome it because in tantra we embrace all aspects of ourselves. And the yoni and lingam are included in the massage because they are also part of us and deserve the same care and attention that any other part of your body. The touch that this body parts receive during a tantra massage is quite different then the one given in erotic massages. It is different in intention, it is slower and "energetic", respecting and listening to the wisdom of the body itself (and not the ideas or expectations of the mind). This allows for a completely different experience that might take you into realms that you have never visited before. I can only say, come experience it yourself.

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