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What is the difference between a Tantra Massage and an Erotic Massage?

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

When it comes to massage therapies, Tantra Massage and Erotic Massage are two terms that often get used interchangeably. However, there are significant differences between these two types of massages. They differ in intention, purpose, execution and benefits. Here we will explore the distinctions between Tantra Massage and Erotic Massage to help you understand what sets them apart.

Erotic massage is primarily focused on sexual stimulation and arousal. Erotic Massage is designed to provide sexual gratification and pleasure, often resulting in orgasm. While it can help to relieve stress and tension, it is not typically considered a holistic therapy, and the benefits are primarily limited to sexual satisfaction. That is not the case in a Tantra Massage.

A Tantra Massage is a form of therapy and an introduction into the tantric path. The intention in the Tantra Massage is to connect to a deeper aspect of perception of the self. It's an active meditation to let go of physical, emotional and energetical baggage so we can come closer to a mystical understanding of the body as sacred - as a temple in which the soul resides. Here we point out some of the main aspects that differentiate a Tantra Massage from an Erotic Massage.

Clear boundaries. The masseuse is giving touch and attention. The receiver is receiving without reciprocating. There is no exchange of touch during the massage. The receiver is invited to turn the attention inward and notices everything that is coming up for her/him/they - either physically, emotionally or energetically. This allows the receiver to have deep moments of self-reflection and realization; as well as release accumulated tension. The receivers boundaries are respected with a regular check in by the masseuse - by asking “what are you experiencing” and supporting the receiver therapeutically. In our session, the masseuses/er are wearing top and underwear to allow the receiver to concentrate on their own body, whilst still creating closeness and skin to skin contact.

Honoring of the Body. In tantric philosophy, the body is seen as a sacred expression of the soul. The Tantra Massage is an honoring ritual, in which we take the time to listen to the body and what is actually being felt and what is needed. It is a meditation to relax the mind and come into feeling. All feelings are welcome during a session. Slowness and gentle/sensual touch are central elements in the Tantra Massage. With that the receiver is supported to arrive step by step more into the present moment, to slow down from our fast tempo societal rhythm into the slowness that allows us to perceive what we are actually really feeling. With that more vital energy starts to flow and if sexual energy is present, it is also welcome to flow through the body. In Tantra we embrace all aspects of the self. And the yoni and lingam are included in the massage because they are also part of us and deserve the same care and attention that any other part of your body. The touch that this body part receives during a Tantra Massage is quite different then the one given in erotic massages. It is different in intention, it is slower and "energetic", allowing for a completely different experience of pleasure. It might take you into a more full body experience of pleasure. Orgasms are not a goal of the massage. Yet, they are welcome if they happen from a place of relaxation.

Communication. We practice verbal communication during the massage. The receiver is asked what she/he/they are experiencing. Are there any emotions or tensions that are coming up? The intention in this practice is for the receiver to learn to articulate their feelings and sensations; as well as to speak about his inner experience from a place of vulnerability. Learning to do that is a powerful tool to create more sincere, meaningful and authentic relationships in all areas of your life.

Health. We care for the health of our clients and massage therapists. For that, our therapists wear gloves for the part of the massage that involves intimate (yoni and lingam) touch. We use very sensitive gloves that allow for the full sensation of the touch, whilst keeping everyone self.

Training: All our masseuses have had thorough tantric training. As well as trainings in many additional therapeutic techniques, including somatic therapies, body-therapy, yoga, meditation, coaching, reiki, ayurveda, craniosacral, trauma therapy among others. Some of us have the Heilpraktiker certificate. We see Tantra Massage as a great tool to support you in your journey of healing, of getting to know yourself and as very supportive in addition to cognitive therapy.

If you are curious to learn more about this powerful therapeutic experience, visit our Tantra Massage Page to book a session or our Tantra Massage Workshop to learn more about this practice.

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